Chinatown Express stands as one of D.C.’s most authentic Chinese restaurants. By “authentic” we mean we have items on our menu that you won’t find anywhere else, unless you decide to take a 12 hour flight to China for some real deal goodies. As a family-run restaurant for almost 25 years, we pride ourselves in serving delicious hand pulled noodles, individually folded dumplings, and mouthwatering roasted meats at honest to goodness prices. Our menu is a combination of hometown classics from Guangzhou in Southeastern China and flavors adopted from D.C.’s vibrant community of good food lovers. We welcome you to come eat at our restaurant, where you’ll find the food fast, cheap, and most importantly, delectable.

We proudly serve fresh hand-made noodles, dumplings, and steamed pork buns. Also, our fresh noodle soup with roast duck was selected as a must try dish in 2013 for every Washingtonian by the readers of  the Washington Post.